Dapliyan PCQC 2021 Coffee Beans

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You may receive your order that has been roasted 2-3 weeks before as we roast in batches of 1 kilogram and orders may sometimes be only 250g.

This lot is the 5th place winner of Philippine Coffee Quality Competition 2021 Arabica Category. Limited Edition, will not restock.

Cupping Score: 84.36

Harvest Date: 2020-2021

Varietal: Typica

Farmer: George Dapliyan

Origin: Demang, Sagada, Mountain Province

Farm Elevation: 1400

Processing Method: Washed


Cupping Notes:

Aroma - orange, brown spices, brown sugar

Acidity - citrus like oranges which changes to sweet lime as it cools

Flavor - molasses, roasted nuts, tangerine, honey, sweet lime

Aftertaste - roasted nuts, brown sugar, caramel, creamy, sugar cane, citrus peel

Body - medium, silky


Suggested Brewing Method: Filter Brew