Brazil Santos Coffee Beans

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Single Origin Coffee Beans from Santos, Brazil.

100% Arabica, Bourbon

Natural Processed

Medium-Dark Roast

Notes: Chocolates, Nuts

Recommended brew method: Espresso

Customer Reviews

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I recently tried Brazilian Santos coffee beans from AELi, and I'm hooked! The aroma alone had me excited to brew a cup, and the taste did not disappoint. It's smooth with a hint of chocolate and nutty undertones, making each sip a delight.

Overall, if you're looking for a flavorful and satisfying cup of coffee, I highly recommend giving their Brazilian Santos beans a try. They've earned a permanent spot in my morning routine!

Gonzalo Bunag
The best value roaster

I keep ordering from Aeli because they offer the best value for money.

Aljhon Matias
10/10 for the freshly roasted bean.

HONEST REVIEW:: Nothing I can ask for but a freshly roasted bean from AelibBrews that retains its taste profile and doesn’t taste stale like those commercialized roasted beans that already oxidized, plus their prices are the cheapest. Cheapest + quality roasted for daily use, only from Arlington brews.