Colombia El Diviso Sidra Coffee Beans

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You may receive your order that has been roasted 1-4 weeks before as we roast in batches of 1 kilogram.

Sidra is a rare varietal of Arabica used by World Barista Champions. This lot was processed using the Hydro Honey Method. Cherries were dehydrated on patios, rehydrated and mixed with fresh cherries before depulping. The result is a complex, fruity, sweet cup!

Cupping Score: 89+

Varietal: Sidra

Farmer: Nestor Lasso and Family

Origin: Huila, Colombia

Farm Elevation: 1,850 M.A.S.L

Processing Method: Hydro Honey

Profile: Passionfruit, Green Mango, Strawberry Wine, Peach Sola, Vanilla Finish

Suggested Brewing Method: Filter Brew